About us

Headquartered in Sweden, Northron provides business consulting for companies in the Scandinavia and patent/commercialize biobased material technologies. We make companies visible in the global market by taking part in their business strategies and marketing initiatives.

Northron assists companies in formulating the overall marketing strategy and building their brand across the globe.

Our services includes strategic & tactical planning, business plan development, product licensing and partner program development, online marketing & advertisement, project management, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, content writing, website design and development in Drupal & WordPress systems and software development services.

With many years of experience in the field of marketing and information technology, we can provide required support for companies in creating awareness about their products and services.

Gain Momentum and Expand Your Business

Helping in your marketing intiatives

Northron can be the partner in your marketing initiatives. We can help in detailing out the marketing strategies to create awareness about the product and services.

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Enhance your presence on the web

Relavent content, awareness through social media, search engine optimisation etc. are some of the cornerstones to reach out the global audience through web.

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Reach out prospects through emails

Email marketing plays a vital role in reaching out to prospects as well as customers. We design, develop the content and send the newsletters to your audience.

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Providing Solutions That Works